Angel Abad

Devops with more than 15 years of experience implementing and maintaining large scale servers. Expert in Linux (Debian and Ubuntu above all). Experience in virtual environments, cloud computing, load balancing, autoscaling, monitoring… Extensive knowledge of infrastructure as code, Terraform , AWS Services, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes (among others) and knowledge about scripting languages and Golang.

Experienced and comfortable working in teams and groups as well as telecommuting and working from a distance for many years.

Professional Experience

September 2019 - Present

Altran - Devops Senior Engineer

Setup and configuration, deployment and maintenance of large digital infraestructures in the cloud. Mostly using these thecnologies: Kubernetes, Terraform and AWS. As well as Pormetheus, Traefik, Packer, Cloudformation…

January 2011 - February 2019

Ludei - Devops Engineer

Sole creator and manager in charge of a fully autoscaled and fault tolerant platform with thousands of users. Architect of backend / frontend / workers, created using infrastructure as code using Terraform, Cloudformation, packer and ansible as primary tools; with technologies such as AWS: vpc, ec2, opsworks and sqs among others. Everything totally monitored using Cloudwatch, Pagerduty and Icinga2.

  • Implement and manage infrastructure based on Packer, Ansible and Terraform.
  • Manage the entire Amazon AWS platform: Iam, Api Gateways, Lambdas, VPCs, Sqs, load balancers, auto-scaling…
  • Monitor the entire infrastructure using New Relic, Pagerduty, Cloudwatch and Icinga2.
  • Control Security for the entire system and platform: Access control, ssl, firewalls…
  • Configure and manage git repositories, hosted on bitbucket.
  • Configure and maintain entire office network and servers.
September 2000 - October 2009

Grupo Ikusnet - Principal System Administrator

Part of a team in charge of administering a large fleet of servers. In charge of the configuration and maintenance of bbdd, email, web, git, etc. Using Puppet and Debian servers, as well as monitoring tools such as Nagios. Managing bare-metal servers to share files over Samba and NFS.

  • Configure and manage databases (Postgres and Mysql).
  • Use Chef and Puppet to manage configurations and settings.
  • Instal and configure high availability fault tolerant email servers (Postfix).
  • Configuring web servers and load balancers (Apache and Nginx).
  • Server virtualization using Xen.
  • File Servers Samba and NFS.

Volunteer Experience

February 2009 - Present

Debian - Developer

Official Debian Developer in charge of various packages and highly active in the Debian Perl Team.

December 2010 - Present

Ubuntu - MOTU Developer

Official MOTU Developer collaborating on the management of my own packages as well as managing and triaging bugs.


  • HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate (May 2020)
  • Linux Professional Institute LPIC-2 (Jun 2013)
  • Suse CLA 11 (May 2010)
  • Suse 11 Tech Spec (May 2010)


Fluent with

  • Devops
  • Kubernetes
  • Amazon AWS
  • Monitoring
  • Terraform
  • Packer
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Bash

Familiar with

  • Blockchain
  • Google Cloud
  • Golang
  • Perl

Interested in

  • Web Development
  • Game Development

Other Info

Native or bilingual proficiency
Professional working proficiency


Fast learner interested in and eager to learn about many topics, avid reader and comic lover.